Softener 1.28

Softener is the soft focus effect used by portrait photographers
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Softener creates the same effect as these lenses, at a fraction of the price. Softener has hundreds of effects combinations, so you can be more creative than with a lens.
And because Softener is digital, you won't need to reshoot a photo to change the effect - just click the Undo button in your graphics program and try again. With the Softener preview window you can see the effect as you change it, so you can tweak the settings until you find something that's just right.

Softener is used by all kinds of photographers, for everything from weddings, baby photos & portraits, through to glamour & sensual photography, corporate photos, and much more.

Try Softener now, and you can achieve the same results as the many other professionals who use it.

Main features:

- Supports both RGB and Grayscale modes, saving you time converting greyscale pictures to colour mode just to use the plugin
- Radius setting gives you full control over the soft focus effect
- Opacity control lets you control the intensity of the effect
- Blend control lets you create a variety of special effects, from painter/watercolor-like effects to brilliant flashes of light.
- Luminosity control allows for a more subtle effect
- Presets! Now you can load and save your own Softener preset files, and share them with your friends & colleagues
- Remembers your previous settings on newer plugin hosts (don't lose those settings you spent ages perfecting!)
- New easy to use installer program gets you started quickly and easily.

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